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Air Weapons range use under Covid 19 restrictions
Please read the following restrictions we are putting in place which will allow us to open the outdoor range, if these restrictions are not adhered to it could result in the authorities shutting us down or even worse passing on the infection to another member / person.

Standing Orders for use of the Air Weapons under Covid 19:
·         Always follow the social distancing advice issued by the Government
·         Only current members can shoot
·         Must be more than 1 person on site at any time whilst shooting is in progress
o   If no other club member will be there you can bring a responsible adult with you (same household), this person cannot shoot.
·         Shooters must have their own weapon & Pellets (no club guns will be issued)
·         The club house will not be open (No toilet and washing facilities)
·         Shooting from Firing point A
o   Standing
o   Sitting or prone but on your own shooting mat (no club chairs)
·         Shooting from Firing point B & C
o   Standing position only
o   Place a cover (blanket, towel, sheet etc..) over the wooden firing point so as to not contaminate the point.
·         You can bring your own paper targets, or any cylindrical aluminium shaped targets if you have any but you must take them home with you. Note please wear gloves when picking up your targets
·         When not shooting please remain in or near by your cars, do not use any club chairs, have a chat but keep 2m apart.
·         Please txt or email the secretary that you wish to attend or that you have attended, (we still need to keep a log of attendance)

Firing Points A, B & C:
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