Jaguar Rifle Club

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The club is open for Air Weapons only:                     Last updated 24/05/2020 11:20am

Some good news – Thanks to the efforts of Kevin, Daniel, Andy and myself we manged to clear the grass so we can now see the targets and as a result the outdoor range is now open every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm to 9:00pm for Air Rifle & Air Pistol only.

Please see the new Standing Orders if you wish to attend

Also please let me know if you wish to attend until we work out a better system for opeing up
If you have any questions please get in touch

Dave Lee

Please follow these basic guidelines to help you avoid the virus and please look after yourself and think of others


              Established August 1952

The Jaguar Rifle Club has provided a shooting
facility to the people of Coventry and the surrounding
areas for over 60 years

The club meets every Tuesday from 6:30pm for Air weapons and then from 7:30pm to 10pm for both Air weapon and Smallbore
We also hold regular Fullbore meetings either at Bisley or Kingsbury, please see the fulbore page for details

Call 07540177088

Please note: The club is a members club and is not available for hire
or for casual shooting (you cannot just turn up and shoot!)

Interested in Joining:
Interested in target sports then hopefully we have something to offer you.

    Our Mission Statement:

To provide a shooting environment to people of all ages, disabilities and gender, in particular aiming at the younger shooter who are readily able to be in possession of a weapon, so as they can use these weapons under suitable and qualified supervision with constant emphasis on safety.
For up and coming shoots see fullbore page
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